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Every meal is made from whole foods, no additives, no preservatives, and no added sugar or fat. All ingredients are sourced daily from local farmers so everything that arrives in our HACCP certified kitchen looks like it does in the field. We provide you the best whole foods diet that money can buy. 

Choose from our Signature, Protein , Lean, Shred, High protein Vegan or Guilt Free Desert ranges that are carefully created for whatever your dietary, weight-loss and workout goals are.

Affordable fine dining knowing that you are always eating clean.



After a long day at work, do you really have the time to meal prep? Maybe your response was, "I have the weekends", but who really wants to spend their only 'off time' cooking for the weekend ahead? Either you said you have no other option or you quickly replied no.

With Munch Measured Meals you do have another option.

Munch offers clean eating meal preparation with nutrient-dense, perfectly weighed protein and carbohydrates portions, delivered to your door.

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Browse our website for delicious gourmet meals, desserts, juices, and low-calorie chili sauces. 

Delivery Or Pick Up

We can deliver your order to your door home or office or you can order online and pick up. 

Heat & Enjoy

In just minutes you can have a delicious, chef prepared meal ready for you to enjoy, without the fuss of cooking and cleaning.

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From Cooking, Packaging To Delivery, The Munch Process

HACCP Certified Kitchen, Inspected Daily

All our meals pass through rigorous food & safety inspection tests daily and are prepared fresh in our very own HACCP certified kitchen, ensuring you the safest cooking process in the industry.

Hi-Tech Meals & Max Freshness For You

Munch measured meals is an industry leader in food packaging technology. Each meal is plated in a 100% Polypropylene microwave-safe food container and machine vacuum sealed to retain freshness.

Fresh From Our Kitchen To Your Front Door

All your meals are delivered either in our own freezer trucks, or for longer distances in a recyclable corrugated box with dry ice to make sure your meals are in optimal condition, delivered to your door.