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Heard of clean eating, avoiding additives, preservatives, junk food and so on? Have you taken the time to check the fat-to-protein ratios of the food you ingest? Or the quality of the carbohydrates used? The problem with modern living cooking is; the calories-to-protein ratios are usually very high, so you are not necessarily giving your body what it really needs,  so losing weight or achieving that lean, toned look is that much harder.

With MUNCH MEASURED MEALS, what you see is what you get. We have tailored our meals according to protein and carb net weights, so you can easily plan your meals around your lifestyle or training times, when you need the nutrients the most – making CARB CYCLING a breeze.

So, on top of a ‘no junk’ promise, we also ensure a ‘no added fat’ promise, making clean eating a whole lot cleaner. We simplify meal preparation.

Munch brings you clean eating meal preparation with nutrient-dense, high-fiber, high-protein ready made meals, delivered to your door.




You might think it’s difficult to get the nutrition and energy you need for your busy lifestyle. Not with Munch! We’ve planned every meal so your body can get the fuel and nutrition it needs to keep you going.

Munch fits effortlessly into your busy schedule.

Our uncomplicated heat & eat process ensures you can take Munch with you wherever you go. Work, play or gym, pack your Munch!



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