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Posted On 2021-08-13





We are constantly subjected to Internet fearmongering about how dangerous it is to microwave your food. You’ve probably seen alarmist statements like these two myths:


  • “Microwaves make your food radioactive and release toxic radiation.”


  • “Microwaves destroy the nutrients in food.”


Since its invention way back in 1946 by American engineer Percy Spencer, the microwave oven has become an indispensable kitchen tool – a lifesaver for those short of time, or those who don’t or won’t cook. A Michelin star chef will probably claim that microwaves have singlehandedly dragged the art of creating culinary delights into the proverbial gutter. That may be so but the truth of the matter is that microwaving is not dangerous. Let’s examine the evidence that directly contradicts the two microwave myths.




When you hear the word ‘radiation,’ you probably picture the nuclear horrors of Chernobyl or Hiroshima and make associations with burns, cancer and death. But nuclear radiation is not the technology that you can use to heat your food. Microwaves, like light, form part of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce non-ionizing radiation. Non-ionizing radiation is similar to that emitted by your mobile phone and is only strong enough to excite atoms to move at a higher frequency, including those in the molecules making up food. Here are the reasons why Myth #1 is exactly that:


  • Microwaves are a weak form of radiation and only work in the small volume of an oven so that food can absorb energy before the waves dissipate.
  • Microwaves only heat specific molecules, water being one of them, which is also the main constituent in most foods.
  • For something to be radioactive, it needs to emit radiation, that’s obvious. Microwaves do not transfer radiation to food, only make their molecules move much faster. If anyone tells you that microwaving makes your food radioactive, they are lying.




First off, every form of cooking reduces the nutrient value in food. The 3 main culprits that reduce nutrient content while cooking are temperature, time, and method. The longer you cook something, and the higher the temperature, the more nutrients get destroyed. Boiling is the biggest offender as water-soluble nutrients leak out of the food. With microwaving, cook times are short and temperatures lower than conventional cooking. Research shows that microwaving does not reduce the nutrient value more than any other cooking method. In fact, in a study involving 20 different vegetables, microwave cooking performed best, with boiling and pressure cooking coming in last. Microwaving is one of the best cooking methods for preserving nutrient content. Moreover, in some cases, food is more nutritious since it is easier to digest.




If microwaving is top of the cooking heap, then why did one study show that microwaving destroyed 97% of flavonoid antioxidants in broccoli, while boiling only destroyed 66%? There’s a simple answer – water was added to the microwaved broccoli. So don’t do that. Another study demonstrated that microwaving could even increase the content of most flavonoids, compounds linked to reduced risk of heart disease. One researcher said:


“Under the cooking conditions used in this study, microwaving appeared to be a better way to preserve flavonoids than steaming.”


Lead researcher Xianli Wu, a scientist at the US Department of Agriculture, has a final word on microwave cooking:


“Though in general microwaving is a preferred method, the optimum time will be different for different vegetables. When considering commonly used domestic cooking methods, microwaving is a preferred cooking method, at least for many plant foods, but probably not for every plant food.”




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